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My Services

I specialise in writing engaging web content and optimised website copy.

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Content Writing

If you are looking for web content that drives traffic and shows up in search, I can do that.

I’ve written content on people management, project management, sports and the outdoors.

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Website Copy

Looking to optimise web copy for SEO?

I write page copy and product descriptions that help the search engines and, more importantly, your customers.

How much do you charge for freelance copy & content writing?

Every job is different. The scope, style and size all change with every project.

I work on a project basis. For each one, we’ll agree on the scope of the project, and I’ll give you a detailed quote before we start. There’s no hourly or per word rate. No matter how long it takes me, you pay the same.

This includes the copy/content and any research required to write it. Up to 3 revisions to incorporate your feedback. It also includes all correspondence and administration costs.

Need a quote?

If you need a quote for writing work or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I really enjoy talking about new projects and discussing how I can help you.